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Launch of LLA Online: A Celebration of art

The Launch of LLA Online took place in Chennai on the 30th of November 2017, marking a landmark in photography education in the country. The event focused on the celebration of art and how art is indeed an elixir of life.

The event was graced by five artists: Padma Bhushan Dhananjayans, Oscar nominee Smt. Bombay Jayashri, renowned painter and cartoonist  Shri. Keshav V and innovative musician Shri. Anil Srinivasan. These amazing artists have transcended all barriers and revolutionized their art forms, thereby inspiring millions of people around India and the world.

The event started off with a short audio-visual presentation giving a sneak peak into the way each of these artists connect with their art. This was followed by a panel discussion during which the artists spoke about what their art means to them and how it is the most integral part of their lives. This was followed by a discussion on why art is extremely relevant in today’s world and how it elevates life. Art is in everyone. Some people practice it while some consume it intimately, making it extremely important.

The cross-section of audience that attended the show, from students of art to professionals from various fields, to veterans, spanning age groups, were all happy to have been part of an event of this kind, where they could get an insight to the artist behind the art, a novel experience.

The panel discussion was followed by the launch of LLA Online. India’s first Online Photography program in 9 Indian Languages + English. Photography is one of the newest and most popularly practiced art forms, making it easier for people to express themselves through art. Keeping in mind the importance of celebrating art, LLA Online seeks to spread photography education across India, helping the country express its culture and life through art.