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Deep Dive into the artist’s mind- A Series of Snippets

Shri Vannadil Pudiyaveettil Dhananjayan explains in this short video the eloquent paradigm of dance in its evolution through civilisation as an expressive language.

Shri Anil Srinivasan says that the seeds sown in his early years inculcated in him the belief that art is a responsibility to be treated with reverence.

Shri Keshav V describes how his art attempts to express every living being’s search for extended happiness – that this is art’s primary purpose.

Smt. Bombay Jayashri Ramnath talks about how a singer introduces not just her song but herself- and a certain freshness and identity- into her art.

Through exquisite facial expressions and elegant mudras, Smt. Shanta Dhananjayan shows how nature itself inspires dance. A beautiful universal truth!