Rules & Regulation for the Participants

  1. Course will be in the form of structured learning .
  2. Course will be in a linear format. A participant must complete the current capsule in order to be able to access the next one.
  3. Each program will have a prerequisite that the participant must meet in order to enroll.
  4. The participant shall submit the assignment within the time given and shall refrain from any action that may disturb the smooth functioning of the programme.
  5. Prompt and regular submission as well as fulfillment of required assignment is expected from all the participants.
  6. The Present online programme integrates a continuous evaluation of the
    participants by the mentors, 70% Aesthetic & 30% Technique.
  7. A Minimum of 70% is required to pass.
  8. The Online programme is committed to establishing and maintaining a community that respects equality and freedom from all forms of discrimination and harassment. In order to create and maintain such an environment, we recognize that everyone who works and learns during the programme is responsible for ensuring that the programme is free from discrimination based on sex and gender, including sexual innuendos, sexual harassment, stalking and intimate-photographs and violence. Such behavior threaten our learning, living and work environment and will not be tolerated and will result in any action the administration deems necessary including expulsion from the program and any barred access to any other program provided by LLA Online.
  9. LLA Online will not tolerate retaliation against any person or group . Retaliation can take many forms, including continued abuse or violence, bullying, threats and intimidation.
  10. Bullying includes any written act that cause emotional harm to anyone participant or group of participants . Bullying conduct is severe, persistent and has the effect of creating a threatening or intimidating environment substantially disrupting the orderly operation of the programme. Bullying is prohibited.
  11. Violation of Local, State, or National laws will not be tolerated.
  12. Intimidation in any written or electronic threats of violence is prohibited.
  13. Participants have the right to express their views, feelings and beliefs inside the forum. These freedoms of expression extend so far as conduct does not impinge on the rights of members of the community and essential operations of the programme. Disorderly conduct is not permitted.
  14. Hazing & Vandalism by forum members in any form is prohibited.
  15. Exchange of personal information is prohibited inside the forum.
  16. Treat all fellow leaners, teachers and mentors with respect and fairness.
  17. Communicate concerns/suggestions about the programme, faculty, or the learning environment in a respectful, professional manner.