Every Mentor of the LLA Online program has graduated with a Post Graduate Diploma in Professional Photography from Light and Life Academy, having undergone incredibly rigorous training. They are currently practicing their art across India and come from varied backgrounds & cultures, wielding a treasure of aesthetic sensibilities. There will be consistency in terms of feedback given since everyone graduated from the same technical and artistic training at LLA.

Ajit SN
[:en]Ajit SN[:tm]Ajit SN[:be]Ajit SN[:]
Akshay Sharma
[:en]Akshay Sharma[:tm]Akshay Sharma[:be]Akshay Sharma[:]
Akshaya Vaidyanathan
[:en]Akshaya Vaidyanathan[:tm]Akshaya Vaidyanathan[:be]Akshaya Vaidyanathan[:]
Ankit Gupta
[:en]Ankit Gupta[:tm]Ankit Gupta[:be]Ankit Gupta[:]
Arnab Nath
[:en]Arnab Nath[:tm]Arnab Nath[:be]Arnab Nath[:]
Garima Chaudhary
[:en]Garima Chaudhary[:tm]Garima Chaudhary[:be]Garima Chaudhary[:]
Mihir Hardikar
[:en]Mihir Hardikar[:tm]Mihir Hardikar[:be]Mihir Hardikar[:]
Monika Adlakha
[:en]Monika Adlakha[:tm]Monika Adlakha[:be]Monika Adlakha[:]
Punya Arora
[:en]Punya Arora[:tm]Punya Arora[:be]Punya Arora[:]
Rejoi Krishna
[:en]Rejoi Krishna[:tm]Rejoi Krishna[:be]Rejoi Krishna[:]
Sathish Kumar Raju
[:en]Sathish KR[:tm]Sathish Kumar Raju[:be]Sathish Kumar Raju[:]
Shaheen Taha
[:en]Shaheen Taha[:be]Shaheen Taha[:]
Shantonobho Das
[:en]Shantonobho Das[:tm]Shantonobho Das[:be]Shantonobho Das[:]
Vikram Hingmire
[:en]Vikram Hingmire[:tm]Vikram Hingmire[:be]Vikram Hingmire[:gu]Vikram Hingmire[:]
Khushboo Agarwal
[:en]Khushboo Agarwal[:be]Khushboo Agarwal[:]
Kavitha Swaminathan
[:en]Kavitha Swaminathan[:]
Sukil Tarnas
[:en]Sukil Tarnas[:]