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Dhaatri Menon (Participant, Batch 1, LLA Online)

I am so happy that I was part of the first batch of the online Photography programme. It has much to offer and it is done very well. For a beginner, it was very enjoyable as I learnt a lot through the course. It taught me photography essentials but more than that, it also taught me the importance of paying attention to details, the power of observation and the necessity of moving out of your comfort zone to explore creativity. The fact that the videos teach so much and give examples of such fantastic combinations of technique and creativity, truly make it an inspiring learning process. The assignments always made me feel like I need to do more and that is a good part of any art education. The mentors were supportive and their comments pushed me to do better. I hope you have plans for more such courses in the future and I look forward to being part of the network.