Very well explained and there are many languages options. Apart from this the picture quality is very good and voice also.

“First, I really valued my mentor’s (Kavitha) feedback. She was tough…and spot on. She could identify an error from a mile off!

Second, I also loved the way you made it so convenient for working people like me to carry on with the course.

Lastly, I discovered so many underlying elements that go into a good photograph, just in the process of doing the course. The patience of waiting for the right moment, paying attention to your environment. And the fact that I need every picture to say a story somehow.”

It was a great learning experience, the course module was good too. It was interesting to learn new techniques & also how to improvise the ones that are common in photography. Completing the course gave me the confidence to use my DSLR for photography just like I’m used to using my Phone with ease. I look forward to learning more from the institute & the faculties at Light & Life Academy Online.

Signing up for this course was the BEST decision I made. Learning through this course has helped me a lot. I have noticed a gradual growth and improvement. The videos and assignments were very clear, easy to understand, creative and informative. I had the best time shooting the assignments. Watching the videos and making notes from it and then finally going out to shoot. There was always this enthusiasm while shooting. The course is very well designed. The best part is that it is being made in 10 languages. So no language barrier in learning. Kudos to the team of LLA Online. It would be great if you design more such online courses. I honestly had the best time. All the best to LLA Online team
I am so happy that I was part of the first batch of the online Photography programme. It has much to offer and it is done very well. For a beginner, it was very enjoyable as I learnt a lot through the course. It taught me photography essentials but more than that, it also taught me the importance of paying attention to details, the power of observation and the necessity of moving out of your comfort zone to explore creativity. The fact that the videos teach so much and give examples of such fantastic combinations of technique and creativity, truly make it an inspiring learning process. The assignments always made me feel like I need to do more and that is a good part of any art education. The mentors were supportive and their comments pushed me to do better. I hope you have plans for more such courses in the future and I look forward to being part of the network.
Ever since I met Mr Iqbal, it’s been my dream to learn and sharpen my creative skills with the camera under his tutelage . LLA Online presented the exciting opportunity to do just that and I signed up immediately . Four weeks into the course , it’s been a really exciting journey for me . The content presented is crisp and delivered with clarity . The weekly assessments are truly awesome and I’ve had the chance to go out of my comfort zone and try out a range of creative skills through the exciting assignments so thoughtfully designed by them . In addition, the platform gives the opportunity to interact and share with my fellow batchmates . Really look forward to the exciting modules ahead and I am sure that at the end of this journey, I will be left with a lot of learning and expansion of my creative horizons !

Having gone through four weeks of the program, my view is that that concepts come through crisp and clear in the lecture videos. These are appropriately accentuated through some ‘awe-inspiring’ images. The assignment instructions at the end of each session are detailed and self-explanatory. The best part of the program is that it is interactive and your mentor provides you with a reasoning for grading and also offers suggestions for improvement. One area of improvement that I seek is the turnaround time for clarifications sought, as this is a very time-bound program.

I recommend LLA Online for every seasoned amateur, who wants to transcend the mundaneness in his/her photography and be able to realize their dreams of creating those ‘defining images’.