Giving back to society is high up on my agenda. Through LLA Online, I will have the right platform to share my knowledge of photography with people who are passionate about it.
I am happy to be part of LLA Online programme because it is a structured programme just like the one I went through that made me what I am today. I will now be able to help many more people experience the same.

LLAOnline is particularly dear to me because it will be available in nine different Indian languages, which will help a number of aspiring photographers like me get inspired to learn photography.

Even though photography knowledge is readily available online, feedback from professionals, a crucial aspect in the learning process, is missing.  LLA Online fills this gap greatly! 

A lot of times, artists can face difficulties in language and communication. The LLA Online Photography Programme in regional Indian languages will be a big help in reaching out to such people. I am really happy to be a part of this online photography course.

I have always believed in the fact that knowledge increases only when shared. LLA Online provides a vast platform for me to share what Mr. Iqbal and my other mentors have taught me about Photography.