Signing up for this course was the BEST decision I made! Learning through this course has helped me a lot and I have noticed a gradual growth and improvement.

The videos and assignments were very clear, easy to understand, creative and informative. I had the best time shooting the assignments. Watching the videos and making notes from it and then finally going out to shoot. There was always this enthusiasm while shooting.

The course is very well designed. The best part is that it is being made in 10 languages. So no language barrier in learning. Kudos to the LLA Online team. It would be great if you design more such online courses. I honestly had the best time. All the best to LLA Online team

“My heartfelt thanks to the LLAOnline team and Mr. Iqbal Mohamed for this well designed and well executed online photography course. The last ten weeks were exciting and eventful. I loved watching videos as much as reading the assignment sheets, as the description and instructions added to my learning. Mentoring support was excellent and< Kavita’s feedback used to be precise and encouraging.

I sense concrete changes in my photography skills. Now, I use manual mode confidently and skill-fully. I’ve also become aware of my weak areas. For instance, I need to be more careful about the background and avoid clutter. I have become more observant about my surroundings, especially in terms of quality and direction of light and all the action happening around me. The ten week’s learning will continue to inspire me to shoot more and more.