1st Online Photography Course. From Iqbal Mohamed. 
Founder of Light & Life Academy. In 10 Languages.

(Bengali, Gujarati, Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Oriya, Tamil and Telugu + English.)


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    Online Photography Course

    What does it take to create a beautiful Image? Vision, knowledge of the camera and its hardware, an understanding of light and its qualities, and the role colour and design play in creating a story: the deeper your understanding of all these aspects, the greater will be your ability to create a truly beautiful image.

    This online photography course will give you a good grounding on the fundamental requirements of photography, that will help you take wonderful pictures, whatever your area of interest. It could be travel photography, landscape photography, people or portrait photography, street photography, wildlife photography, etc.

    First Photography course in 9 Indian Languages (Bengali, Gujarati, Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Oriya, Tamil and Telugu)

    Next Batch starts on : 05-Feb-2018 and 26-Feb-2018

    10,000 /-
    FEES (Inaugural Offer)


    Getting Ready

    Before you start the course, there are certain things that you need to keep in mind with regard to your camera and other equipment. This video will give you important information that you will need to implement while participating in the “Get Creative with Photography Program”.


    A good image must have the right exposure. This depends on the light available in a given situation, the subject and your personal sense of aesthetics. This session will help you understand how to achieve the exposure that works best for you.


    This session will help you gain a good understanding of how to use shutter speed creatively, to freeze or blur motion with intention, to create the image you want.

    Lenses & Aperture: Part One

    The area in the image that is in focus will impact the visual appeal of the image. Aperture, in conjunction with different lenses, gives you a range of possibilities that you could choose from, to get the image you want. This session will help you explore the world of Depth of Field.

    Lenses & Aperture: Part Two

    The extent of a scene that is covered, left to right and top to bottom, is the angle of view offered by the lens. Perspective is the visual relationship between the foreground, middle ground and background in the frame. A good understanding of how the focal length of the lens affects the angle of view & perspective is essential to photograph creative images.


    Colour plays a definite role in an image. It is a fundamental component in telling a story. An understanding of the way colours combine, contrast and add meaning to a story is a crucial learning for every photographer.

    Light: Part One

    Light is the most important area of study in photography. Understanding the six main qualities of light and how it helps create dimension, reveal texture, form and how it creates mood are the fundamental stepping stones in photography. This session will cover the first quality: Direction of Light (Part 1).

    Light: Part Two

    This session will further your understanding on the first quality of light – Direction of Light (Part 2).

    Light: Part Three

    Hardness, Softness, Intensity & Contrast of Light - These are qualities of light that influence the mood you create in an image. Understanding these qualities is essential in helping you visualize the picture and the mood you will achieve before taking the picture. Based on the subject and your sense of aesthetics, you can use these qualities to your advantage.

    Light: Part Four

    Just like the colour of the subject, the colour of light too has a huge impact on the subject and the mood. This session will give you an insight into how the colour of natural light as well as artificial lights have different kinds of appeal.


    Composition involves how you handle the various elements in an image. What elements you decide to include/exclude and how you choose to place these elements within the image determine the composition of an image. This session will give you some guidelines on how to achieve a good composition for your image.

    Equipment Required

    1. DSLR (Crop Frame or Full Frame)
    2. One Wide Angle Lens
    3. One 50mm Lens
    4. One Tele Lens
    5. Tripod
    6. A Computer with Photoshop



    1. Designed by Iqbal Mohamed: The programme is designed by Iqbal Mohamed, a renowned professional photographer, who pioneered professional photography education in India, setting up the Light & Life Academy. This gives courses on LLA Online technical depth and clarity. Read more about Iqbal Mohamed.
    2. Structured programmes: The learning takes place in a step-by-step manner, ensuring that everyone learns in a systematic manner, LLA Online is committed to ensuring that the participants progress in a way that will enable them to express their creativity.
    3. Practical application: The programme takes participants beyond theory and ensures that every aspect taught is followed by an assignment, with a specified time frame to practically shoot and submit images for review. This fosters a deeper, more intricate learning of the subject.
    4. Mentor feedback: An exclusive team of our alumni, who are practising professional photographers, will review the assignment submitted and offer guidance to help improve your work. Interestingly, through the programme, rather than being assigned to a single mentor, various assignments are likely to be assessed by different mentors.
    5. Peer group review: Every participant also has the opportunity of reviewing the work of the other participants in the forum. A major part of learning will happen through these forum interactions, making it wonderfully motivating
    1. Multiple languages: Offered in nine Indian Languages (Bengali, Gujarati, Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Oriya, Tamil, Telugu) apart from English This will help participants learn in a language that is most comfortable for them.
    2. Rigorous, more in-depth learning, inspired by LLA: After 17 years of honing the ideal classroom environment for photography education at Light & Life Academy, LLAOnline strives to bring the same online! The Get Creative with Photography course is a rigorous one. Over the years, we have experienced that Optimal learning among participants happens when one sets aside time every week to commit to the course.
    3. Experience with diversity: LLA Online draws from a reservoir of experiences in imparting knowledge to a whole generation of professional photographers, through the courses at the Academy. This helps anticipate the needs of participants from various backgrounds
    4. Completion certificate: Once you have progressed through all the required assignments, meeting the requirements, a certificate will be awarded by LLA Online to signify this achievement
    5. Membership of the LLA Online Club: Every participant who is awarded a certificate of completion will automatically qualify to become a member of the LLA Online Club. This will give you access to the entire LLA Online family with regular updates that will add to your learning and information on upcoming courses/Vlogs.


    Guide to the Program

    You can enroll for the programme at any time. Once you enrol, the programme will begin on the first Monday following your enrolment. At the time of enrolment, you will be given access credentials (username and password) to your account on LLA Online and you will be placed in a group (of other participants starting with you) for discussion and feedback.

    On the first Monday, following your enrolment, the first session will be made available on LLA Online. The content could be in the form of a video and/or PDF(s) and/or a multimedia presentation.) Based on the course content of the session, you will be given an assignment. Each assignment will require you to take a set of images and upload them onto the group forum latest by 11:59 PM on the following Sunday.

    For Example: If you start the course on Monday, 18th of September, you will have to upload your pictures onto the forum by 11:59PM on 23rd of September (Sunday).

    Important Note: You can upload only ONE IMAGE per Assignment. You have to choose your best image and upload it.

    How the Forum Works

    1. You can upload the image you have shot for the assignment anytime up to Sunday Midnight under the specific assignment heading.
    2. You can view everyone else's image posted on the forum.
    3. You can rate others images of your choice from 1-5 stars, 5 being the highest.
    4. You can also comment on any image that you choose to, on the forum.
    5. You can post queries for discussion among the members of the forum and also for the LLAOnline team to answer.
    6. You have the option of shooting again and replacing any image that you have uploaded before the deadline for that assingment.
    7. Mentors will answer queries raised and will give feedback to the group on the forum.
    8. Work submitted by you will be graded and posted on the forum by the following Wednesday.

    Important Notes:
    All content will be given in 9 different Indian Languages + English
    *All Feedback, Forum discussions and queries will be in English only

    Feedback by Mentors

    Mentors will review the images posted by the entire group. They will identify common themes that serve as relevant critique for the group and provide feedback accordingly. In addition to this, the mentor will address queries, relevant to the course content in consideration, that are raised on the forum.

    Once the mentors have evaluated the images, feedback will be presented on the forum. All group members will be able to view every participant's performance on the assignment. A core tenet of our pedagogy is to encourage learning from the work of the group peers. This helps you improve, both individually, and collectively, as a group.

    One of the following will happen after Mentor's evaluation:

    a) All approved images will be given a pass mark, with grades A,B or C (A being the highest).


    b) The images that you have submitted may not be approved by the Mentors (If you do not get the minimum requirement of Grade (C), in which case, it will be marked as RS which means Re-Shoot. The mentor feedback will give you the reason for re-shoot and how to get it right the next time. In this case, you have to re-submit a new image for the previous week's topic along with the submission pending for the current week's topic.


    c) If there is a non-submission from you for whatever reason: You have the option of requesting for an extension, providing adequate reason for the non-submission. This request is then sent to the Administration, that will arrive at a decision on whether or not the extension will be offered, based on the reason for non-submission and will also brief you on how to continue with the course.

    A certificate will be provided at the end of the programme only if you have met the passing criteria for each session.


      Phone: +91 9751151999

      Email: support@llaonline.in