Mentors pick: Sathish

Sathish, Mentor, LLA Online, grew up in a family of photographers from different generations. His great grandfather opened and managed a small studio called Omni Photo

After completing his UG in Visual Communication, He chose to be nurtured under the wings of Iqbal Mohamed, while at the same time working for two years at LLA. During this time, he understood the importance of studying Photography formally and decided to join the course in 2006.

For Sathish, an insatiable thirst to give back to society and encourage more people to take up photography, both professionally and as a hobby drives him to become a mentor at LLA Online. According to him, even though photography knowledge is readily available online, feedback from professionals, a crucial aspect in the learning process, is missing. Sathish aims to help fill this gap with LLA Online.

Here are some of his top pics from the participants work:

This photograph has a very well balanced composition. The placement of the human elements shows the scale of the tree. The colour tone and time of day gives the sense of chilly weather and the posture of both men prove it!

With one single light source, the person and the items around him are lit up!

There is also a very creative use of shutter here. The tiny dots of fire particles in motion creates a dramatic design of streaks!

Notice how the colour of the birds, its feathers and the dry branch are in the same tone! The shadows also show a lot of detail.

The shape of the branch and position of the bird complement each other and are a perfect fit with regard to the sun. If this picture was taken a moment earlier, or later, the shapes would not match the circumference of the sun!

The stories on the painted 2D wall and the photograph of the 3D subject are almost the same. The dappled lighting on the subject adds value to the story and dramatizes the shot as well.

In this picture, the hard and warm tone early morning sunlight brings out the texture of the wall and creates long shadows! The shadow is clearly defined here and the subject looking at his own shadow makes for an unusual composition.