Mentors pick: Garima

Garima’s interest in the arts began in the 8th Standard. Since then, she religiously researched courses and colleges related to fine art in India.She worked as a visualiser and pursued her Post graduation in Digital Media, specialising in Animation, after which she joined Light & Life Academy.

Once Garima graduated from Light & Life Academy, she rode the E-commerce wave back in 2011, taking up photography assignments for various e-commerce sites and excelling in it. She opened her first studio in 2011 and did a lot of freelance work, fusing her knowledge of applied art and photography resulting in a unique style of her own. She is now based in Bangalore and is an art director, graphic designer, painter, photographer and blogger.

Garima strongly believes that Photography is an art form for the masses. LLA Online’s effort in reaching out to the masses through many different languages is what intrigued her the most! After being very impressed with the work of all the participants of the LLA Online program, she picked some of her favorites!

Glamour in Mundane

The lines are captured to show harmony in our day to day lives formed with light and shadows.

Lukka Chuppi

In India, since childhood, we play with our Mom’s saree corner (pallu) .  Colorful sarees are one of the identity of motherhood, culture and it unifies India.


When nature can be captured as an impression which then becomes symbolic.

Rippled Colors

It’s fascinating how ripples can change the tall structures made by humans and make them melt visually.