Making of LLAOnline

With the advent of digital technology, cameras as well as photography became more and more affordable. Besides, as technology developed, the internet became more accessible to the masses. As a result of both these factors, the desire to learn photography has been on the rise. The fallout: over the years, there were many requests by serious amateurs and aspiring professionals alike, who could not come to Ooty to study photography, for an online photography course designed by Iqbal Mohamed, founder of Light & Life Academy. Keeping this in mind, we started work on a one of a kind online photography course.

Introducing LLA Online, a project that has been in the making for the last three years. The mission is to deliver the learning as effectively as we have been doing with the full time photography courses at LLA, Ooty.

The project started in 2014. We began with the premise that if this programme was to be truly effective, we must reach the target audience in the language that they are comfortable with. This resulted in a three fold challenge:

  • While there is a lot of very good content about photography online, we realised, navigating this vast assortment of content to understand photography was challenge. Hence, we decided to bridge this gap and deliver a step by step photography programme that would give participants enough knowledge to explore their creativity in a simple, concise, time-bound and structured fashion.
  • Designing an online photography course where the learning path is a close replica of a brick-motor, personal contact learning environment.
  • The third challenge was to design and execute the online photography course in such a way that all of the content would be available in different languages without any loss of lucidity, while staying within the idiom of the language. This would help reach out to aspiring leaners in their comfort zone.

A year was dedicated to plan out the content in such a way that it is easy to understand and to the point, enabling a quick and comprehensive understanding of all the topics. Another year was set aside to work on all the instructional videos, ensuring that each topic is precise and delivered in a way that maximises understanding, allowing the participant to go beyond theory and explore the creative side. The last year was spent working on the ten language versions and getting it up on the online platform.

Finally, three years down the line, we are happy to present our first, one of a kind Online Photography course from LLAOnline, Get Creative with Photography, with the hope that it will prove to be of help to aspiring photographers across India, helping them hone their creative skills.