Faculty’s ‘Pic’

Ankit’s interest in photography was sparked by a DSLR gifted to him, but it turned into a raging inferno when he found himself in the mountains of Kashmir. Feeding the flames of his passion, he graduated from LLA with a degree in Professional Photography, specializing in Travel, Nature, Architecture and Interior Photography. Always a seeker of knowledge, he became a mentor of the LLA Online program, to share what he knew with people that were also passionate about photography.

Ankit was eager to see the images captured by the participants, and had this to say about a select few pictures.

Vidya Kulkarni – I love how beautifully the light from behind is lighting the leaves, hence showing the translucent nature of the leaves. Moreover there is a nice contrast happening all over the image.

Arya Sarda – This is a beautifully composed shot. Captured almost from the eye level of the subject. I like the candid moment that has been captured by the photographer.

Harsha Vardaini –Composition is spot on here. Also the colors are vibrant and nice. There is a nice catch light in the eyes of the subject that is adding so much to the image.

Hem Desai – Very creatively shot image. The slow shutter is adding a sense of motion that is so pleasing to see. Also the composition and the angle from which the image is taken is spot on.

Srikanth Chandrasekaran –This is an amazing composition. I love the fact that the photographer has not zoomed in to the subject and instead tried to show the entire scene. The lighting is also amazing.